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Our Inspirations

Jonathan Preiser

Johnny currently lives in Long Island, NY with his parents and attends QSAC regularly with his wonderful staff. He enjoys spending time with his "ladies" (two dogs), attending Camp Anchor, bowling, car-washing, biking, and listening to music. Oh, he's also a YouTube sensation #johnnytimelive. Jonathan spreads light and laughter everywhere he goes, and the world is lucky to have him.

Jamie Metzger

Jamie currently lives in Long Island, NY in a group home. She attended NYIT and now works part-time at her local YMCA. Apart from that, Jamie loves dancing, cooking, and hanging out with her lovely friends. She has a heart of gold, a gentle nature, and brings the best ZUMBA moves to the dance floor everywhere she goes!

"Both my, brother Jonathan and cousin, Jamie are the inspiration behind One Special World. They are the impetus behind my fire and the reason we will forever spread our message and collectively build this home. Jonathan and Jamie both have Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X is a genetic disorder that results from a broken X chromosome and portrays similarly to Autism. Jonathan is 30 and Jamie is 34. Jamie has fewer needs than Johnny and is settled in an independent living community. Jonathan lives at home and will be a resident of our future group home (~2027). Though Fragile X is no longer in my family's gene pool, it will always have a special place in our world. Jonathan and Jamie are my world. " --Founder Danielle Preiser

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