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Binghamton Chapter

Binghamton Chapter

Catherine Castillo


"I started out giving my time to One Special World and ended up giving my heart to something that I didn't know would change my life. Every person I have encountered through this organization has made me a better individual. OSW is a place where all are accepted, where love flourishes, and where kindness never ends." 

Natalie Distler


“One Special World is my safe haven. It is a place where everyone is not only accepted, but loved for all of their needs. OSW is home, love, and passion for doing good.”

Jessica Senzer


"I joined One Special World because the mission is something that is so beautiful and I am so proud to be a part of such an incredible organization. Growing up with general anxiety disorder and a brother with ADHD, I believe it is so important to advocate for individuals with special needs, because we all have our own special needs. I would like to spend the rest of my life advocating for individuals with special needs in the field of education by practicing education law."

Dina Rabie

Volunteer Chair

"My Special Need is a personal form of self-care. Every day, no matter what, I reserve at least an hour to spend only with myself - just to relax in any way that feels right. Without my daily personal time, I start feeling burned out and exhausted. Self-care is so important!"

Neha Sharma

Education Chair

"One Special World is a platform for recognizing the importance in every being and every need. Becoming involved has allowed me to see past stigmas and stereotypes, and help others do the same. OSW has helped me see the light in everyone, and somewhere along the way, see the light in myself. For that, I am forever grateful."

Nicole Byrne

Fundraising Chair

"One Special World has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people, from club members to those with whom we volunteer. I love the idea that we all have our own unique special needs and how they are celebrated when we all come together. OSW is a reminder that we are all human and how important it is to see the beauty in everyone."

Sarah Hall

Senior Advisor

"One Special World has very quickly become my safe space. The people I have met through this organization have changed my life in the most incredible of ways and have made me feel so much more comfortable with who I am. I hope to continue to spread this support of self love with everyone I meet. Working with special needs individuals has opened my eyes to how bright the world is, and it has helped me to live everyday with a much happier attitude."

Joseph Bondor


"I joined One Special World because I was inspired by my cousin who has Autism. After giving a presentation about the condition, I realized how close to home OSW and its mission were to me and took it upon myself to get more involved."

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