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Honors and Awards

2011: Mechanical Contractors Association Award of $22,500

2011: Tulane Community Service Scholarship Recognition

2011: The Frank Gerhardt Humanitarian Award

2011: One is Greater Than None Service Award

2011: Philip L. Williams Memorial Scholarship

2011: Good Deed Awards for Long Island Teenagers from Nassau County

2011: WE CARE Scholarship Award of the Bar Association of Nassau County

2013: Michigan Greek Week award of $5,500

2017: Nonprofiteer of the Year- Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

2017: National Residence Hall Honorary Board’s Organization of the Semester

2017: Deloitte Finalist & Winner for Impact Day 2017


2011: Merrick Life: Raising Awareness Joins Two Populations Together

2011: Merrick Life: Dani Preiser wins Philip L. Williams Scholarship

2016: The Odyssey: Bridging the Gap between Special Needs and the Mainstream World

2016: Binghamton Pipe Dream: One World Walk

2016: Binghamton Pipe Dream: One World All Inclusive Fashion Show

2017: The Hakesher: Fighting a Demon, While Being An Angel

2017: The Nonprofiteer: Living in One Special World

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